ASD's Photos of
EPCOT Center

Walt Disney World, Florida

March 13-14, 1996
November 13-21, 1996



About the 1996 Screen Capture Series
July 14, 2010

By again connecting my old PowerMac G3 to my home network, I accessed video screen captures I made back in 1996 that had been saved to Zip Disks rather than uploading because of the limited amount of web storage available back then. With lots of web storage now available, these old screen captures have been added to the site.


ASD's Photos

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[EPCOT_Photo_6] [EPCOT_Photo_8] [EPCOT_Photo_7]



See the Horizons Pavilion.
Photos from March 13, 1996.


ASD's EPCOT Center Video

Part One

Part Two

Part Three


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